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Dear Business Owner,

If you're struggling to get more visitors to your website or you're frustrated from trying methods that DON'T work, well you're in luck because we're going to help you change that TODAY.

And when you scroll further below this page, we'll show you how to make money from this... Also As Early As Today!

Don't worry even if you think you're a newbie. Anyone with any level of experience can make this work.


Who Are We And Why Listen To A Word We Say?

My name is Edmund Loh. That's a picture of me while on a heli tour at the Grand Canyon.

As you can see, I'm just an ordinary guy. If we pass each other on the street, you probably won't look at me twice.

So what do I do for a living? Well, I've been running an online business for quite some time, selling digital products and services purely through the Internet.

Here's a screen shot from one of my accounts recently...

And here's another one...

Now I'm not here to brag or try to tell you how awesome I am, but I know how important proof is to you.

And I know YOU want to know how you can make results like POSSIBLE for you.

I am living proof that financial freedom is very humanly achievable.

And having been doing this for 12 years and counting, I remain 100% convinced that starting your own Online Business is still the BEST business of the 21st century.

I am joined by Chrysa Lin, who is a teacher and authority figure in Singapore's Education industry. Her vast experience is matched by her passion to teach young children and teenagers.

Some time ago we launched a social media product and generated more than $48,000 in sales in under a week!


"Wowza, How Did You Make That Happen?!"

The Short Answer: We Know How To Get Traffic!

Let's face it. You can create your own product. Or buy the rights to an existing product. Or buy over websites even...

But if you do NOT know how to send traffic, all these will mean NOTHING at all.

I mean, how are you supposed to sell your offer if no one knows about it in the first place?

Unfortunately that's where a lot of people struggle.

And it's sad because in their frustration, they become vulnerable to scams and questionable methods like

"Get 1 Million Guaranteed Visitors For $29.99"
"Free Traffic Exchange Programs By Surfing On Other People's Sites"
Submitting Hundreds Of Low Quality Articles
Spamming The Classified Ads
... And more methods that don't work (or don't make sense)

That's why you won't find any of these ineffective methods in our latest course.

We're Calling This...

The Big Traffic Firesale

Our colossal course covers traffic-getting methods that are vigorously tried and battle-tested, but that's not why we named it so. You see, most products out there focus on 1 specific method, but we understand that not all traffic methods are equal.

So instead of covering just 1 or 2 methods...

... We've decided to just give you the entire gamut.

Act Now - Choose Your Option

We Reveal 11 Time-Tested, Rock Solid Ways To Get Traffic... Covered Over 60 Parts In This Entire Training Course!

Nothing held back, here's a sneak peek at the full syllabus covered in this epic training program...

1 - Introduction

1. Introduction

2 - Google Ads (AdWords)

2. What Is Google Ads
3. Google Ads - The Mechanics
4. Highest Bid Quality Scores - The Basics
5. The Stractics (1)
6. The Stractics (2)
7. The Stractics (3)
8. The Stractics (4)
9. Optimize Your Google Ads

3 - Media Buying

10. Media Buying - An Overview
11. Reverse Engineering
12. The 5 Distinctive Variables
13. Direct And Indirect Competitors
14. Mastering Your First Banner And Offer
15. Work It Out

4 - Solo Ads

16. What Are Solo Ads
17. How To Generate Your Traffic (1)
18. How To Generate Your Traffic (2)
19. The Golden Rules (1)
20. The Golden Rules (2)
21. Test It Out

5 - WSO

22. What Is Warrior Special Offer
23. Creating Your Own Warrior Special Offer
24. Warrior Tips To Traffic

6 - Affiliate Program

25. Meet The Affiliate Program
26. The 3 Handymen Of Affiliating
27. Customize Your Profile
28. Grab An Affiliate
29. Finalizing Your Product To The Affiliate

7 - Facebook Ads

30. Facebook Ads An Overview
31. Lets Get Started
32. Your Campaign Objectives
33. Facebook Ads Budget And Bidding
34. Audience And Targeting
35. A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Dollars
36. Optimization Increasing Traffic And Conversions
37. Video Tutorial - Creating Your First Ad Campaign

8 - Search Engine Optimisation

38. Introducing The Search Engine Optimization
39. Meet Your Optimization Friend
40. SEO Agents Of How (Part 1)
41. SEO Agents Of How (Part 2)
42. You & Your Traffic Generating Agents

9 - Facebook Page

43. Facebook Page
44. The Fundamentals Of An FB Page
45. FB Page Traffic (Part 1)
46. FB Page Traffic (Part 2)
47. Concluding Your Consistency With FB

10 - Instagram

48. Introducing Instagram
49. Instagram User On The Go (Part 1)
50. Instagram User On The Go (Part 2)
51. Whats Next For You & Instagram

11 - Tumblr

52. Welcoming Tumblr
53. Becoming A Tumblr User (Part 1)
54. Becoming A Tumblr User (Part 2)
55. Tumblr & Traffic

12 - Pinterest

56. Pinterest - Your Virtual Pins And Boards
57. How Do You Pin It (Part 1)
58. How Do You Pin It (Part 2)
59. Traffic And Pins

13 - Conclusion

60. Conclusion

If You Solve Your Traffic Problems Today...

Here's a screenshot from a recent live webinar I marketed using 3 different traffic sources. Just three.

And this is a webinar I've been doing on a near-weekly basis for the last 9 months.

I share this with you because some people might think this is just a bunch of theory (it'll always be theory until you actually DO IT)

What I share with you here is anything BUT that.

Because even if you get JUST ONE traffic source down pat - that can start giving you some wins.

And the Big Traffic course offers more than that, as you can clearly see.


What This Means To You...

If you couldn't or don't know how to send traffic, your websites won't make money.

If you're not making money, you will be out of business sooner or later.

And if you're out of business, how are you going to pay for your bills... or quit that job you hate so much?

Sure we're thinking way ahead... But Isn't That True?

If you believe in the 90/10 rule, then THIS is the 10% that is causing 90% of your problems right now.


Now If It Were The OPPOSITE, Imagine How Things Will Be...

You've mastered the art and science of summoning traffic to ANY site at will.

Word goes around among product vendors that you possess this... unearthly sorcery.

And they'd be begging you to promote their product.

Whether their product will be a bestseller in the market... is at your mercy.

Just as important, all the products you've been buying all these while? They finally make sense... and make money for YOU.

Because you've arrived at the epiphany that

... Anyone Who Controls The Traffic, Controls The Game!

Many Years Ago There Was A Critically Acclaimed Traffic Course That Sold For $997.

And for many reasons we should charge the same price (if not higher)

Considering that more methods are covered in this training, not to mention up to date PLUS in the grand scheme of things, it's a small price to pay to get your site flowing with traffic...

Finally getting eyeballs on your sales pages...
Signups on your opt-in forms...
Sitting people for your webinar or offline event...
Getting customers to your e-commerce stores...

How Much Would You Pay To Get Results Like This?

Well, Here's The Good News...

It won't be $997.

It's not $497.

And it's not $100 even...


You Have 2 Options With This Package:

Option 1: Personal Use

If you want to know how to get traffic to your sites, then you'll want to get this course. This is pretty straight forward.

Option 2: Private Label Rights (most recommended)

With this instant income opportunity, not only you get this Traffic course... you also have the license to resell this product and keep 100% of the sales!

+PLUS you get to also rebrand and edit this course however you see fit! This is many times better than an ordinary resale rights license.

WORD Source Document

Get the editable source files to all 60 modules in this training course. Put your name as the author, edit the contents and rebrand it new!

Professional Graphics Set

Editable rights to the 2D and 3D E-Covers and Website graphics. Edit the PSD files in Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.

Killer Sales Letter

Comes ready with thank you page too. Put your buy button link and collect orders starting today! Feel free to rebrand and edit as you see fit.

Exclusive License

Flexible choice between Resale or Private Label Rights depending on your business needs.

For A Limited Time, We're Throwing Out Some Fast Action Bonuses...

Fast Action Bonus #1:
Lead Generation Mastery

It's only right you get this with the Traffic course as naturally, the next thing to do with your visitors is to convert them into subscribers if not buyers.

NOTE: If you choose the PLR option, then you also get the Private Label version of this Bonus product.

$97 Value Yours FREE!

Fast Action Bonus #2:
Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

I always recommend promoting products as an affiliate for most beginners because it's one of the fastest ways to make money online. With the Traffic course, this makes a perfect complement.

NOTE: If you choose the PLR option, then you also get the Private Label version of this Bonus product.

$97 Value Yours FREE!

Fast Action Bonus #3:
Digital Business Workshop

In this exclusive 1.5 hour online presentation, I take you behind the scenes on how online marketers build a 7 figure business creating and selling 'digital assets' - and how to do that without high startup cost, technical skill, own product, or becoming famous!

$297 Value Yours FREE!

Here's the catch: this Firesale isn't open ended.

I reserve the right to close this offer at anytime I deem fit, and sell the Traffic course branded under a different name, and by then, there will be NO resale or Private Label Rights. And certainly, it's not going to be at this rock bottom price. So you know what to do...



Get Instant Access - Choose Your Option


Big Traffic Firesale comes in 60-part training course. Personal use only. Bonuses included.

Regular Price $97, But...

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BEST OPTION Exclusive License to edit, rebrand and also resell for 100% profits! Source documents included. Bonuses included.

Regular Price $197, But...

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Edmund Loh

Chrysa Lin

P.S. When I told my business friends what we were about to do, some of them thought we were a little 'crazy' to let this go for nearly next to nothing.

"Why Are You Doing This?" Well, For 2 Reasons:

1. Chrysa and I are already running our own businesses successfully. We believe in abundance because there will always be new users coming online everyday. And everyone with a website will definitely NEED traffic. Which leads to the second reason...

2. There are a lot more people out there struggling to get visitors let alone leads and sales. So even if we go all out and market this course, there's just no way we can reach everyone by ourselves. That's how HUGE the market is.

That's why we want to give you the opportunity to have a high demand product that's not only HOT... but also evergreen.

Again, we really should be asking more for this mega 60-part Traffic course but in your best interest, we want to make this easily available to you.

And maybe - just maybe - sometime in the near future we can work together.

Putting it another way: we are investing in YOU.

So instead of $997... $497... $100 even...

We're making this massive Traffic course affordable to you.

Act Now - Choose Your Option


P.P.S. We're going to shoulder all the risks for you, so we're backing our offer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee "or it's your money back" for the next 60 days.

Look, we want you to try this out without any worries or hassles. And why are we so confident? Because thousands of our happy customers couldn't be wrong. We've created a string of success stories and hopefully, we get to feature you next time around.


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