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The $1.6 Trillion Pie.

You probably heard how E-Commerce is becoming HOT and business is BOOMING especially in recent years.

We are now living in the most exciting times in history where practically ANYONE can be an entrepreneur in their own rights. Just as cool, you don't have to have your own products to make it in this business!

There will be more and more millionaires created every year, and when you look at these stats it's a small wonder where we're heading to...

And Here's What We Found When We Checked Out The Top Bestsellers On JVZoo In The Past Several Months...

Let's agree on a couple of things...

1. The E-Commerce market is growing exponential - we're already on the other side of the bell curve.

2. And it's going to be that way for a looooooong time to come.

So if you want to make a consistent income grabbing your slice of the $1.6 Trillion pie, you're going to absolutely love what we're about to show you...

First, Who Are We And Why Listen To A Word We Say?

My name is Edmund Loh. I've been an Internet Marketer since 2005. My business has sold millions of dollars in digital products, training programs and services.

On occasion I speak at seminars and workshops and have published two books on online entrepreneurship.

I am NO E-Commerce expert, though. This is why I've brought her on board...

Meet Kate Tan. Kate is the founder of KOLOS, an E-commerce company. Chances are you haven't heard about her.

Because unlike most 'gurus' who only know how to sell you the E-Commerce dream (but don't know how to do the business itself), Kate has been generating a cushy 6 figures a year for the last 3 years selling cosmetics and other tangible products.

Her E-commerce site is ranked among the top 2,000 trafficked websites in Malaysia according to Alexa. So yes, she's the real deal; she walks the talk and that's exactly why I chose to partner up with her.

We Know How Important Proof Is To You, So Here's A Glimpse Of What Kate's Been Doing...

Your Own E-Commerce Business. Today.

I personally believe that if you want to know how to do something, it makes sense to learn from someone who is already doing it and getting the results you want.

I know there's quite a bit of E-Commerce books and courses in the market but if I can be blunt about it: they come mostly from people who are either not qualified... or don't even own an E-Commerce business!

That's why I was excited to work with Kate and together with my team, we picked her brain and put this together...

We Are Proud To Announce...

E-Commerce Firesale

Most E-Commerce training courses and books in the market focus on acing one specific platform or marketplace.

But because everyone is different, Kate and I decided you should get the whole gamut. This is a 40-part training course on how anyone can start their own E-commerce business on some of the world's most popular platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and eBay.

This is based on Kate's experience as an E-Commerce entrepreneur so you're bound to find something that works for you.

Your newbie status or past failures with E-Commerce matters little - here's how you can start your own online store from scratch and build a profitable, repeat business.

What's Covered In This 40-Part Blueprint

You'll Learn How To Build Yourself A Successful Online Store Using Any Of These (Or All) 4 Of The Most Popular E-Commerce Platforms Today...

  • Starting Your E-Commerce Business

    The first part deals with the foundation of starting your E-Commerce business. If you have never sold anything online before, you must see this FIRST.

    All the more so if you’ve been struggling with selling anything online (you might just be missing out on the fundamentals)

    And remember I was saying how different approach works for different people? That’s what the next 3 parts are about.

  • Shopify

    What started out as a simple platform to pursue their passion quickly transformed into a tool in helping other online merchants to build their own retail business.

    Merchants today use Shopify to manage all aspects of their business including product orders and building relationships with customers.

  • Amazon

    Originally a book seller, this largest online shopping website expanded to sell a huge variety of electronic media, digital media and consumer goods.

    Similar to eBay, users from around the world can purchase and sell goods using their online marketplace system.

  • eBay

    With their mission to be the world’s favorite place for discovering wide selection and rekindling passion, they aim to provide sellers the platform they need to grow and expand their businesses.

    They are currently the top 10 global retail brand and are focusing on building stronger connections between buyers and sellers as well as turning items that customers no longer need into real cash.


We Also Think It's Worth Mentioning That...

  • You DON'T need a lot of technical knowledge
  • You DON'T have to be a web designer or have HTML skills
  • You DON'T need to have your own stock or inventory (one of the business models allow this)
  • You DON'T need to be a genius...

In fact you don't have to use all four of these business models to succeed. Just pick one you're most comfortable with and roll with it... and start raking in profits from your own online store!

Here's A Full List On What's Covered In This Amazing 40-Part E-Commerce Blueprint...


01. Why Be An Amazon Affiliate?
02. How To Register For Amazon Affiliate Program
03. How To Get Amazon Affiliate Approval
04. How To Identify Bestsellers On Amazon
05. Keywords Research (Google Adword, Google Trend)
06. Your Amazon Affiliate Site Blueprint
07. Ultimate Copy Formula For Your Website Post
08. How To Get Traffic To Your Amazon Affiliate Site
09. How To Optimize Your Landing Page
10. How To Scale Your Amazon Affiliate Business


11. Why eBay?
12. Setting Up Your eBay Store
13. How To Identify Hot Selling Products?
14. Essential eBay Vendor Tools
15. How To Source Items?
16. How To Sell On eBay?
17. Shipping Logistics
18. Price Point Strategy On eBay
19. eBay Traffic Building Strategies
20. How To Scale Your eBay Business


21. Shopify At A Glance
22. Getting Started With Shopify
23. How To Set Up Your Shopify E-store
24. How To Identify Hot Selling Products For Your Shopify Store
25. Shopify Optimization
26. Launching Your E-store
27. How To Generate Traffic To Shopify
28. How To Optimize Your Store
29. Shopify Apps To Drive More Traffic
30. How To Start Your Affiliate Program As A Vendor

Starting Your E-Commerce Website

31. Why You Should Start Your Own E-Commerce Business
32. Social Media Content Strategy
33. Targeting Your Traffic
34. Using Live Chat Services
35. How To Build Your E-Commerce Mailing List
36. Building Up Your Affiliate Army
37. Retargeting Marketing
38. Logistics Outsourcing
39. O To O (Online To Offline)
40. Secrets To Boosts Your E-Commerce Sales

Private Label & Resale Rights Opportunity

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WORD Source Document

Get the editable source files to all 40 modules. Put your name as the author, edit the contents and rebrand it new!

Professional Graphics Set

Editable rights to the 2D and 3D E-Covers and Website graphics. Edit the PSD files in Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.

Killer Sales Letter

omes ready with thank you page. Put your buy button link and collect orders starting today!

Exclusive License

Flexible choice between Resale or Private Label Rights depending on your business needs.

No Matter Which Option You Go With, You Win.


You act a little too late. Because as mentioned earlier, this Firesale is not open ended. So...


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Edmund Loh

Kate Tan

P.S. We're also making this 100% risk free to you by including a 60 day satisfaction 'or it's your money back' guarantee. We know you'll love what you see and if for any reason this doesn't meet your strict expectations, then we don't deserve to have your business.

That said, there are a lot of things you can do with these materials to build and grow your business anyhow you want. Thanks for your time and see you inside!

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