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Hey it's Edmund and Chrysa here.

Right now we're running a special limited time deal and if you want to double, triple, quadruple... even 10X your income starting this year...

... Then you're on the right page.

What's more important is that this is for EVERYONE.

Whether you are a...

But First, Who Are We And Why Listen To A Word We Say?

Edmund Loh

I started off as a self-learner in 2005, and had since then grown a business that sold millions of dollars of products purely online. While I've ran my business solo for years, in the last few years we went from a humble one-man operation to a team of 5 full-time staff.

Collectively we have produced hundreds of unique information product titles and software, and coach our students and Clients to do the same.

This time I am also joined by...

Chrysa Lin

Chrysa is an Education industry veteran with 8 years of experience under her belt, and she's a big reason why I chose to work with her on this particular project.

Some of her notable achievements include taking a small 'mom and pops' learning center and increased their annual profits by 800%, designing systems within companies, and even helped one of her Clients go from a $2 Million loss to profit!

At the core, education is her biggest passion (she's helped countless students who struggled with Math and even got many qualified for university scholarships).

And that's how we came about designing this opportunity for you...

Multiple Income Streams Rolled Into One Amazing Opportunity.

We probably don't need to convince you how BIG social media is. But when we checked out these amazing facts and figures, it's truly ASTOUNDING.

Did You Know?

  • There are 4.66 Billion Internet users worldwide (as of 2022) - most of them on at least 1 social media platform!
  • Facebook has a whopping 2.9 Billion users with the highest penetration and engagement of Internet users at 63%
  • YouTube isn't far behind with a 2.24 Billion users watching videos on the platform
  • Instagram has 1.1 Billion users; registers the second highest at 27%
  • Pinterest has 431 Million users
  • And 740 million people use LinkedIn worldwide...

If you thought that was awesome, here's where things get really interesting...

  • Social media advertising budgets DOUBLED worldwide over the past 2 years alone
  • Social media spending in the U.S. alone is expected to increase to $56.85 Billion in 2022
  • In 2021, Meta (formerly Facebook Inc) generated $114.93 Billion ad revenue across all its networks
  • YouTube generated $28.8 Billion in Ad Revenue in 2021 fueling the Creator Economy
  • In 2022, analysts predict a 26.3% global increase on spending for social media ads over the next 3 quarters

3 Ways You Can Make Money From The Social Media Frenzy:

  • 1. Learn How To Use Social Media To Build Your Business

    What’s exciting is that today, you don’t necessarily need a website (at least, not an elaborate one) and yet you can build a business off any social media platform.

    There are countless examples of YouTube celebrities, Instagram ‘kings’ and ‘queens’, public figures on Facebook – you’re probably following some of them right now.

    But this isn’t reserved for the elite and the popular – there are relatively simpler, humbler businesses using these platforms to get Customers.

    (I know because I use my Facebook to build my own following and get Clients!)

  • 2. Sell Your Own Course On Social Media

    … And there will be takers for sure.

    Unlike just 10 to 15 years ago where most ‘make money’ products are geared towards other Internet Marketers…

    Today the demand has moved from niche to MASS market.

    In other words: ANY business can be YOUR potential customer.

    And what if they prefer someone else to do their social media campaigns?

  • 3. You Can Help Do It For Local Businesses

    You can use your social media expertise and start charging Agency fees.

    In this business, it’s not uncommon to command fees anywhere from $3,000 and above… and even earn a percentage from total ad spend by your Clients!

But There Are Some Problems...

If you've been around for at least a while, chances are you've already tried reading up some books and maybe attended some seminars.

You see, most social media courses are focused on only 1 platform.

Here's the thing: if you want to get the most out of your business, why not be on as many platforms as possible?

This is where most marketers get frustrated.

And if you're planning to do any coaching or consulting: let's face it, you can't exactly teach others what you don't know right?

Let alone render any meaningful service to other local businesses.

Quite simply: If you could have done it, you would have already done it.

If any of these sound like you, we totally understand.

Because we've been through ALL these stages.

We understand the frustration and the challenges at each stage.

We also discovered the solution to ALL of them.

And you're going to like this... Instead of piecemeal solutions, we've decided to create something more HOLISTIC.

Get The Comprehensive Social Media Income Course That You Can Call Your Own & Make It Yours!

Social Media Income is a HUGE 36-part course on how you - or anyone - can use some of the most popular social media platforms today to:

  • Grow your business
  • Build your brand
  • Generate leads
  • And get sales!

This isn't some 'theoretical' stuff - it's backed by $10,000s and countless hours spent cracking the code. And unlike most courses out there that cover just 1 method or 1 social media platform...

This Mega Training Program Covers 5!






Full List On What's Covered In This 36-Part Social Media Income Course...


1. How To Use Facebook Live To Share Value
2. How To Create High Engagement With Your Audience
3. How To Utilize Facebook Live As A Sales Funnel
4. How To Generate More Leads After Your Live Broadcast
5. How To Create Your Own Facebook Ads Campaign
6. How To Use Facebook Ads To Market Your Business
7. How To Optimize Your Facebook Ads Using Facebook Insights
8. How To Find And Retarget New And Old Prospects
9. How To Start A Targeted Facebook Group
10. How To Turn Your Facebook Profile Into An Authority Figure
11. Bridging The Gap Between You And The Community
12. How To Reach Thousands Of Followers With Facebook Fan Page


13. How To Start A YouTube Channel For Your Business
14. How To Reach Targeted Audience: Optimizing Youtube SEO
15. How To Make Viral Video For Ultimate Business Branding
16. How To Use Featured Videos To Increase Views And Subscribers
17. How To Use YouTube Live To Convert Prospects Into Clients
18. How To Use YouTube Ads For High Conversions


19. How To Establish Your Linked Profile As An Authority Figure
20. How To Use Linked To Find Targeted Clients
21. How To Utilize LinkedIn To Grow Vast Business Connections
22. How To Optimize LinkedIn SEO To Maximize Traffic
23. How To Customize Messaging To Expand Your Network
24. How To Use LinkedIn Ads To Generate Leads


25. How To Optimize Your Instagram Photo To Increase Viewership
26. How To Personalize Your Profile To Attract Prospects
27. How To Optimize Your Instagram Post To Engage With People
28. How To Use Instagram Ads To Generate Leads
29. How To Get Targeterd Followers On Instagram
30. How To Hold An Instagram Contest To Gain More Fame & Exposure


31. How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Business
32. How To Personalize Your Profile For Branding
33. How To Optimize Your Pin To Generate Interest
34. How To Create More Views With Engaging Pin: Rich Pin
35. How To Advertise On Pinterest To Generate More Sales
36. How To Use Pinterest To Get Targeted Traffic & Customers

And You Know What?

  • You DON'T need to be a techie at all to get started
  • You DON'T need high capital to start ANY of these social media business models
  • Go with just ONE of them and you can build an income stream that replaces your job...
  • Or DOUBLE, TRIPLE, QUADRUPLE... Or 10X your online profits! (read more below...)

Private Label & Resale Rights Opportunity

This is exactly what we mean by "multiple income streams rolled into one"...

If you scroll below you will see there are 2 options on the Order Form:

Personal Use - if you want to get Social Media Income Program and learn the course with no intention of reselling, then this option is for you.

But if we may suggest...

Private Label Rights (PLR) - not only you can resell, you can also rebrand the course as your own. This means you can put your name as the author, edit the contents, put in your links, and even repurpose it to grow your business!

WORD Source Document

Get the editable source files to all 36 modules in this training course. Put your name as the author, edit the contents and rebrand it new!

Professional Graphics Set

Editable rights to the 2D and 3D E-Covers and Website graphics. Edit the PSD files in Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.

Killer Sales Letter

Comes ready with thank you page. Put your buy button link and collect orders starting today!

Exclusive License

Flexible choice between Resale or Private Label Rights depending on your business needs.

Act Today And You Also Get These Fast Action Bonuses

BONUS 1: Social Media Manager 2.0 (+8 Modules)

Earlier I talked about how you can consider rendering your social media service to other local businesses.

Well that's what this training is about.

This is a 8-part step-by-step training on how you can be a Social Media Manager and start getting your own Clients. In a way, with this you're actually getting a total of 44 modules in all!

NOTE: If you choose the Private Label Rights Option, you also get the WORD source documents to the entire Modules in Social Media Manager 2.0.

And the next Bonus is more time sensitive, we won't promise it will be around permanently...

Bonus #2: Digital Business Workshop

In this exclusive 1.5 hour online presentation, I take you behind the scenes on how online marketers build a 7 figure business creating and selling 'digital assets' - and how to do that without high startup cost, technical skill, own product, or becoming famous!

$297 Value Yours FREE!

Now here's the catch: this Firesale runs for a limited time only.

While the market size is immeasurable, we're limiting this opportunity run and after the Firesale is over, we'll be repurposing the contents for our higher-end programs

(In fact we'll be conducting a Mastermind retreat involving these contents in a few months from now, and by then the price will be significantly HIGHER, with especially NO PLR option offered again)

So if you act any later this page will be removed.


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Social Media Firesale comes in 36-part training course. Personal use only. Bonuses included.

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Edmund Loh

Chrysa Lin

P.S. We're also backing our offer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee "or it's your money back" for the next 60 days.

We've have been creating training courses for years. Thousands of our customers enjoyed our programs, many love it... we know you will too.

Plus with the licensing deal, you have an INSTANT product you can brand and sell and confidently call your own.

Ultimately, we are making this affordable so you can get your hands on it.

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